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We hope you find easy to use, however just in case, we have answered some of the frequently asked questions. Please select your question from the list below. If your question is not answered here then please feel free to contact us.

1. Where do Oxford Tube services leave from and arrive?

Oxford Tube services leave from and arrive at strategic locations within Oxford and London. Full details of our departure and arrival points, including maps, can be found in the Tube Stops section of the site.

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2. When can I book?

There is no need to book, but you can buy tickets for journeys commencing up to a maximum of a month in advance. Tickets may be used at any time on the dates specified.

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3. What are your passenger types?

Adult - Anyone of 16 years old or over, up to 60 years old
Over 60 - Anyone aged over 60 years old
Under 16 (child) - Anyone aged 15 years old or under
Student / Young Person (16-26) - Anyone with NUS, ISIC or official University photo ID card or aged 16-26 years old with valid proof of age (including Young Person's railcard or discount coach card)
Group - up to 3 adults and 2 children

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4. What is the outward journey date?

This is the date that you intend to redeem your email voucher for a ticket. Please note that this date is non-transferable and that email vouchers will only be exchanged for tickets on the date selected. Failure to exchange voucher on the outbound date will mean that the voucher is invalid and can't be used for the return section of the journey.

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5. What are your prices?

Oxford Tube offers great value for money. The full range of options including flexible passes can be viewed in the Tube Fares section of the site.

Return tickets can be used for one return trip, commencing at any time on the day of purchase and returning anytime within three months.

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6. Can children travel for free?

Children under the age of 16 can travel free of charge when accompanied by a fare paying adult. However, this is limited to two children per adult. The free travel offer is available on journeys between Oxford and London and is not available between Oxford and Lewknor or Hillingdon and London. If you wish to take advantage of this free offer when buying online, simply purchase an Adult ticket without selecting any Under 16s tickets. When boarding, present your adult single or return confirmation email to the driver and ask for free child tickets. The driver will then issue one adult ticket and up to two free child tickets. Children aged 13 and under cannot travel alone, they must be accompanied by a fare paying adult at all times. Bookings made through the booking system are not valid for this offer.

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7. Can I purchase my tickets in another currency other than sterling?

No, sorry we can only accept UK sterling. We do however accept contactless payment on board.

8. Does Oxford Tube offer insurance?

Insurance is purchased by the company in accordance with our legal responsibility. All legal liabilities to third parties, to include damage to property and personal injury, are covered.

There is no insurance cover provided for loss, damage or injury where the bus company has not been negligent. Personal travel insurance would provide passengers with such cover.

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9. When do your services operate?

Timetables for Oxford Tube services can be viewed online by visiting the Tube Times section of the site.

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10. What facilities do your coaches offer?

On each coach we have:

  • More legroom than a normal coach
  • 87 reclining seats
  • A top deck for a better view of London/Oxford with a panoramic glass roof
  • Air conditioning
  • Toilet & washroom facilities
  • Power points and USB sockets for laptops
  • Dedicated space for a wheelchair
  • Low floor, step free entrance
  • Free 4G Wi-Fi internet access (from the 3rd May we will operate a fair usage policy)


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11. What is your luggage policy?

In the interests of the safety and comfort of all of our customers, we restrict the size, type and quantity of luggage or other belongings which you can bring onto our buses and reserve the right to refuse permission for you to bring any item onto our buses.

On services operated by buses, as opposed to coaches, we reserve the right, at the discretion of the driver, to refuse any large, unsuitable or awkward packages or an excessive amount of personal hand luggage.

Luggage - On certain long distance services operated by coaches, larger bags and suitcases up to a maximum weight limit of 20kg should be presented to the driver for storage in the rear or underfloor lockers or trailer as necessary.

Only the driver may store or remove luggage from the lockers or trailer, but it is your responsibility to see your luggage put on and taken off a coach, or checked in at any station where check-in arrangements apply.  Except for any luggage stored in the hold of a coach, you must also look after your luggage at all times, including at any station and your hand luggage whilst on a coach.

Luggage locker storage may not be available on certain local services operated by coaches. If in doubt contact Oxford Tube customer services for assistance. You remain responsible for any items you bring. You may not be allowed to travel if, for example, the available space for carriage of luggage is already full or, if, in the opinion of the driver, your luggage or belongings will block gangways and access to emergency exits on the bus.

We cannot be held responsible for any loss or inconvenience to you if you are refused travel under these circumstances.

Our liability for luggage is limited to £100 per passenger and you are advised to ensure that you have proper insurance if your luggage is worth more than this.

We reserve the right to request that you open any article of luggage for inspection by the driver or other company officer in your presence if, for reasons of security, it is considered necessary to do so.

Fragile items such as electronic goods, portable televisions, computers, radios etc will only be carried if they are of reasonable size and securely packed. We will not be responsible for damage to such items however caused.

Paint may only be carried in original and properly sealed containers of 5 litres or less.

Certain items cannot be carried under any circumstances in the interests of safety. These include accumulators, explosives, ammunition, weapons and combustible or otherwise hazardous materials including petrol.

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12. Can I take my bike?

We have a large storage area on each coach where bikes can be placed during the journey. If the coach/storage area is full then all customers, including those with a bike, must wait for the next coach. Up to two cycles may be carried at any one time, subject to available space.

Due to the space needed for our very clean, environmentally-friendly Euro 6 engines in our new coaches (which started going into service from 16th July 2014) the entrance to the bike storage area is reduced. We can still carry two bicycles but the entrance to the stowage area is limited to 100cm (h) x 65cm (w) x 100cm (d). Folding bicycles can be stored in the usual compartment area.

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13. Do your coaches take wheelchairs?

Every one of our 26 low floor coaches is able to carry a wheelchair. However, we must stress that we can only carry one open wheelchair per coach. If the coach is full then all customers, including those with a wheelchair, must wait for the next coach.

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14. Can I take my dog?

Dogs are allowed to be carried, but at the owner's own risk. They are carried on condition that they are clean, on a leash, under proper control and do not cause inconvenience or annoyance to other passengers. They must not be placed on passenger seats. The owner will be responsible for any injury caused to another passenger through failure to comply with these conditions.

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15. Do I get a ticket?

Due to the technology involved the answer to this question depends on the ticket/ pass purchased and whether this is from the site or via and StagecoachSmart Travel.

Tickets purchased through

When you make your purchase you will either be issued with an email voucher, which you exchange with our driver for your ticket, or, alternatively for our longer validity tickets purchased through, we will issue the ticket/pass direct to your home address. This should be received within five working days.

Tickets purchased through and StagecoachSmart travel card:

If you have selected to receive a StagecoachSmart Travel Card, all travel cards will be despatched within 3 working days using the Royal Mail. Most items will arrive within 3 working days. However, Stagecoach cannot be held responsible once the item has entered the Royal Mail system. If your ticket has been purchased for an existing StagecoachSmart Travel Card, the ticket will be ready for use from the start date agreed at the time of purchase. The ticket is collected from the ticket machine when you present your StagecoachSmart Travel Card to the on coach reader.

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16. How do I pay online?

Payment for Oxford Tube services can be made using most major credit and debit cards, including Visa and Switch.

Once you have completed all your orders you will be taken to the Worldpay page to pay for your journeys. Enter the necessary details and make your payment.

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17. I had problems with my payment, what should I do?

Please check your email address for the Worldpay confirmation email and Oxford Tube purchase email. If you have received both of these then your transaction was successful. If however you do not receive either of these within an hour or so of your transaction then please contact us.

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18. Will I get a confirmation?

After completing your payment you will be sent an email from both Worldpay and from Oxford Tube. These emails will confirm full details of the transaction.

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19. Can I cancel and/or get a refund?

Due to the technology involved the answer to this question depends on the ticket/ pass purchased and whether this is from the site or via and StagecoachSmart Travel.

Tickets purchased through

Unfortunately, TICKETS  (single/ day/ day return/ period return) ordered online are non-transferable and non-refundable, and you cannot change the date of travel after the order has been placed. PASSES (Oxford Tube ) ordered online are refundable by the following terms:

Refunds on passes are calculated by subtracting the cost of travel undertaken from the original cost of the pass. The cost of travel itself is calculated by adding together the cost of the shorter duration passes/tickets that would have been bought had the (Annual/Monthly/Weekly) pass not been purchased. All refund requests must addressed in writing to Oxford Tube, Horspath Road, Oxford OX4 2RY (enclosing the pass you wish to be refunded on). Refunds are NOT available from our drivers or at the travel shop. Refunds are not available on Tube 12, 1 week or 4 week tickets. We reserve the right to refuse refund requests. There will be a £10 administration fee for all refunds.

Tickets purchased through and StagecoachSmart travel card:

Smartcard tickets (including Tube Xtra)purchased online can be cancelled through the Stagecoach website by visiting the Manage My StagecoachSmart section of the MyStagecoach area. You’ll need to login in to do this.

Alternatively customers can call the StagecoachSmart Customer Service centre – click here for opening hours and details.

If your ticket hasn’t been used we will refund the full ticket value. If the ticket has been used we will refund the residual value of the ticket after deducting the cost of the best value alternative ticket/s for the journey made. There is a £5 administration fee for refunds on StagecoachSmart tickets.

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20. What do I give the driver?

Due to the technology involved the answer to this question depends on the ticket/ pass purchased and whether this is from the site or via and StagecoachSmart Travel.

Tickets purchased through

If you have purchased a single/ return (including period return and nightrider) you will be emailed an e-ticket which you must print and hand to the driver, the driver will exchange the printed e-ticket for a standard ticket. We cannot accept e-tickets which have not been printed. Please also bring appropriate identification for senior/student/young person tickets.

If you have purchased a Tube pass of 7 days or more or a Tube 12 pass, you will be sent a ticket to show to the driver when you board the bus.

Tickets purchased through and StagecoachSmart travel card:

If you are travelling with a StagecoachSmart Travel Card, each time you get on board an Oxford Tube coach simply place the card on the card reader on the top of the ticket machine.  The machine will check that you have a valid ticket for the journey, and show you a green light to tell you that you can board.

21. My ticket/pass has been lost/stolen

Due to the technology involved the answer to this question depends on the ticket/ pass purchased and whether this is from the site or via and StagecoachSmart Travel.

Tickets purchased through

If a paper pass is lost or stolen this should immediately be reported to the police and Stagecoach, 01865 772250.

  • We may consider an application for a duplicate pass in exceptional circumstances.
  • Passes must be over 4 weeks. We do not issue duplicates for lost/stolen 7 day, 4 weeks or 12 trip passes
  • Even in exceptional cases we will only allow one duplicate in any 12 month period. However, we may allow a second duplicate issue if:
    • the original pass is returned to the company within one month of you reporting the theft
    • the first or second request for a duplicate was because of theft, fire or other exceptional circumstances, the facts of which have been reported to the police, the fire service or other appropriate body.
  • There is an administration charge of £25 when we issue a duplicate pass.
  • Damaged/illegible passes will be replaced where the damaged/illegible pass has been returned - cost £10

Tickets purchased through and StagecoachSmart travel card:

StagecoachSmart Travel Cards that have been registered with a MyStagecoach account can be reported using the “Manage my StagecoachSmart” section of the site – make sure you have logged into My Stagecoach.

Alternatively, contact our helpline.

If a ticket on your StagecoachSmart Travel Card has more than 5 days validity on it, we will transfer your ticket to a new Travel Card and send it out in the post, please allow 5 working days for this to arrive. A replacement fee of £5 may be charged. Customers are advised that Stagecoach is not liable for the reimbursement of additional tickets purchased whilst waiting for your new StagecoachSmart Travel Card to arrive in the post.

Oxford Tube Tube Xtra

Tube Xtra tickets are live until the recurring payment stops. When you record your card lost or stolen  (as above) we will get a new card to you with your product ready for collection on the bus within 5 working days. Megarider Xtra customers will be advised on how to claim back the cost of subsequent journeys when they report the loss to Stagecoach.

Megarider Xtra
This is a method of purchasing Megarider tickets and is only available for StagecoachSmart travel card. Customers who sign up for Xtra are agreeing to a recurring payment being made with the card provided at the time. Megarider Xtra tickets are valid during the period that your recurring payment remains in force with us.

For full terms and conditions visit our StagecoachSmartwebsite.

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22. Can children travel alone?

Children aged 13 and under cannot travel alone, they must be accompanied by a fare paying adult at all times.

23. What are the benefits of an Automatic monthly payment?

Xtra is our new way of buying ticket, through monthly payments. You get the same unlimited travel in as the weekly and 4 weekly tickets currently offer, but it is the way you buy it that’s new. Xtra allows stress-free ticket renewal by offering you the chance to set up automatic payments that will be debited from your debit/credit card on the same date every month. Your Xtra ticket will be stored on your StagecoachSmart travel card and will remain valid until the recurring payment is cancelled.

For details of our conditions please see The Small Print.

Service Updates

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Oxford Tube service uplift from Monday 31st August

Frequency to increase and Baker Street express services reinstated.